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Virginia Mary Tan and Patrick Eng Tien Tan
(together, the “Tans” or the “Bankrupts”)
updated December 21, 2021

Please be advised that on April 29, 2016 Bankruptcy Orders were made against Patrick Eng Tien Tan and Virginia Mary Tan adjudging them bankrupt and Boale, Wood & Company Ltd. was appointed as Trustee for each estate.  Copies of the Bankruptcy Orders can be found below.

Since that time the Trustee has been pursuing recovery of the assets of the estates, including the sale of real estate owned by the Tans and recovery from Net Winners of the fraudulent investment scheme operated by the Tans. For details on the activities of the Trustee since being appointed, please refer to the

Trustee’s First Report to Court included below.


The Estates of Patrick and Virginia Tan have been consolidated into the Virginia Tan estate pursuant to an Order of the Supreme Court of British Columbia dated March 12, 2019, a copy of which is attached below.


We have been advised by the BC Supreme Court that The Honourable Mr. Justice Gomery has been re-assigned as the Judicial Management Judge in the various Tan related matters. Please find attached copies of the Notices received from the Court to date.

A Judicial Management Conference has been scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 9 am for one hour at the Vancouver Supreme Court, 800 Smithe Street.

On September 10, 2020, the Court granted an Orders regarding  the appointment of McEown and Associates Ltd. as Trustee of the estate in place of Boale, Wood & Company Ltd. A copy of the Order re substitution of Trustee is available below.

On February 10, 2021, the Trustee made an application to Court  adjourning generally the application for discharge from bankruptcy of the Tans.  Copies of the materials for this application is available below.  The hearing in the matter was heard on February 24, 2021. A copy of the Order adjourning the bankrupts' discharge is available below. 

On November 12, 2021, the Supreme Court of British Columbia granted an Order establishing a process for the Trustee to call and determine claims against the Consolidated Estate of Virginia Mary Tan (the "Claims Process Order").  A copy of the Order as well as a copy of the Claims Package and Notice to Unknown Class Creditors are available below.

For further information, please contact John McEown at (604) 558-8020 or at

Claims Package

  Instruction Letter to Known Creditors

  Claims Process Order Excluding Schedules (unsigned copy)

  Proof of Claim and Instructions

  Settlement Administration Plan Order with Administration Plan excluding Schedules (unsigned copy)

Notice to Unknown Class Creditors

Court Orders re Claims Process

Claims Process Order (unsigned copy)

Settlement Administration Plan Order (unsigned copy)

Order Appointing McEown as Trustee of Estate dated Sept 10, 2020

Application to Adjourn Discharge of Bankrupts

Notice of Application filed February 10, 2021

Affidavit # 1 of John McEown filed February 10, 2021

Notice of Hearing (Form 81) filed February 18, 2021

Order Adjourning Bankrupts' Discharge dated February 24, 2021

Notices of Re-Assignment as Judicial Management Judge

Judge Gomery, JM, re Jastram Properties Ltd. v. HSBC Bank Canada [VA S179117] NOA
Judge Gomery, JM, re Tan v. Jang [VA S155677]
Judge Gomery, re BOALE, WOOD & COMPANY LTD. v. TAN [VA B160364] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Canadian Western Bank v. Tan [VA H170040]
Judge Gomery, re Canadian Western Bank v. Tan [VA H170041]
Judge Gomery, re Canadian Western Bank v. Tan [VA H170043]
Judge Gomery, re Gillies v. Tan [VI S161714] NOA
Judge Gomery, re In the matter of BOALE, WOOD & COMPANY LTD. [VA B160363] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Kersey v. Tan [VI S161713] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Kit v. Tan [VA S163808] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Lee v. Tan [VA S163845] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Li v. Tan [VA S162272] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Li v. Tan [VA S162752] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Lohn Foundation v. Tan [VA H160389] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Noi v. Han [VA S162855] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Pascuas v. Tan [VA S163025] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Pelikan v. Tan [VA S162876] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Ranam Developments Ltd. v. Tan [VA S154278] NOA
Judge Gomery, re RCS Enterprise Canada Inc. v. Tan [VA S162913] NOA
Judge Gomery, re Reliable Mortgages Investment Corp. v. Tan [NW H181306]…
Judge Gomery, re Royal Bank Of Canada v. TLD Investments Inc. [FJ H23401…
Judge Gomery, re Teo v. Tan [VA S163009] NOA
Judicial Conference – Judge Gomery, re Jastram Properties Ltd. v. Tan [VA S162335] NOA

Bankruptcy Orders

Bankruptcy Order for Virginia Mary Tan

Bankruptcy Order for Patrick Eng Tien Tan

Consolidation Order for Virginia Mary Tan and Patrick Eng Tien Tan

Other Court Documents

Trustee's First Report to Court dated March 6, 2019


Creditor Package

Trustee's Preliminary Report to Creditors


Memorandum to Parties

Pursuant to the Memorandum of Madam Justice DeWitt-Van Oosten dated September 8, 2017 (the “Memorandum”), the Trustee was asked to prepare and post on this website a list of the actions before the Court relating to Virginia and Patrick Tan that are known to the Trustee (the “Action List”). In addition, the Trustee was further asked to prepare an “email service list” containing the email addresses of counsel and self-represented litigants involved in the matters on the Action List, where the Trustee has received the consent of such counsel and self-represented litigants to have their information included (the “Email Service List”).

In accordance with the Memorandum, please find below the links to the Action List and Email Service List. We ask that you contact Deborah at in the event you wish to be added to the lists.

Please be advised that arrangements for appropriate service on actions, interlocutory applications or otherwise, remain the responsibility of the parties affected and are not the responsibility of the Trustee or its legal counsel.

Other Information

Action List

Email Service List

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